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Exchange of Community-engaged Performing Arts Practices

EXCEPT is a 2 years long Europe-wide program with six directly involved countries (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Serbia and Hungary).


The Project EXCEPT aims to start up the tradition of social theatre in Europe by knowledge transfer between European theatrical companies. The knowledge transfer based on the recognition, that in the current education system (especially in underprivileged regions) there is a great need for basic human competence development activities. The partners of the program are already experienced in SAP (social art practice) in different fields (clownery, music, fine arts, handcraft and – for sure – theatre), active in different target areas: city slums, underprivileged small villages, also war zones. We have experiences that stage is an exceptionally effective vehicle of community building, but we feel the need of knowing each other’s best practices.

So EXCEPT is about unifying all the various competences that social theatres require and sharing them with each other. They are willing to achieve this in many different ways

– by teaching other partners
– by training together and co-producing social theatrical performances,
– by the mobility of artists and performances,
– by learning from each other
– by organizing a conference about the theoretical findings of the project.

The program has several target groups, reached by various forms of events

1. devoted art professionals with training’s & practice, performances followed by presentations
2. professionals of social, health and educational fields with training’s & practice, and performances followed by presentations
3. related professionals: municipal decision makers; institutional responsibles, consultants;
4. urban planners, rural development experts with conference, performances followed by presentation
5. underprivileged youngsters by more than 100 performances, art camps, touring



Gianluca Barbadori sarà in Serbia (Belgrado e Novi Sad) nella primavera 2015 per tenere tre workshop di tre giornate ognuno (ven-sab-dom):

– per attori

– per danzatori

– per operatori sociali

10x15 flyer gianluca


Per partecipare, mandare CV o lettera motivazionale a indicando nome e cognome e numero di telefono.
La scadenza dell’iscrizione è il 20 marzo 2015.

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Gianluca Barbadori will direct in  Serbia (Belgrad, Novi Sad) 3 workshops of improvement for:

– professional actors and theatre students

– dancers

– social workers

Duration: 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

To apply for the workshop, please send CV or letter of motivation to with number of mobile phone and name and surname.
Application deadline is March 20 2015.

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